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At Glassridge, our mission is to help you build a real estate business that is more systematic, efficient, and profitable. Three quick facts about us:

On this page, you'll find different ways to shop & explore the ways we can help you grow your real estate wealth.

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Overview: Our 5 Main Service Categories

Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services

Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services

Hire US-based and Overseas VAs who are experienced working on real estate tasks.

Real Estate Private Hard Money Loans

Real Estate Private Hard Money Loans

Real Estate Financing for Non-Owner Occupied investment properties of all types.

Real Estate Consulting Services

Real Estate Consulting

Book an expert Consultant or REVAS CEO to help cut costs & grow your business.

Real Estate Process Development


'Done for you' Standard Operating Procedures & process optimization.

Real Estate Recruiting & Staffing Services

Real Estate Recruiting Services

If you hire 10+ US-based staff per year, delegate your Recruiting burden to REVAS.

ATTN: Glassridge is for Members Only.

Glassridge is more than a service provider & private lender.

We're a Members Only club amassing proprietary assets including exclusive software tools, educational resources, and the largest real estate template library on Earth.

Following in the footsteps of our role models like Costco & Amazon Prime, all Glassridge services are for Members Only!

Monthly memberships start at only $29, and include a variety of benefits, from software tools, to phone systems, to physically mailed educational loot, to discounts on everything from Virtual Assistants to Consulting to Real Estate Investor Loans.

You'll find a positive ROI just joining as a Member, whether or not you use any of our other services.

But if you do intend to use any of our other services, remember:

All Glassridge services are for Members Only.

Learn more about our Membership Options here.

If you're already a Member, remember to login for your exclusive perks.

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Where are you in the decision making process?

We're not sure where to start.

The best option if you're not sure where to start is to book a Real Estate Consulting Session.

Are you wondering about questions like:

  • What will be the best tasks for us to Outsource to Virtual Assistants?
  • What changes can we make to grow our business & save money?
  • What's working right now for other real estate companies like mine?

If so, or if you're simply wondering where to start, begin here.

We're ready to hire Virtual Assistants.

If you already have:

  • The specific Task(s) in mind which you'll be delegating to the Virtual Assistants, and...
  • A clear, comprehensive, step-by-step Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for your Task(s)...

Then you are ready to hire a Virtual Assistant.


What we do is for Members Only.

You can join free, but the paid options are better.

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